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How To Run Your Car On Water - Conversion Time?

There are two types of conversions that you can do to your existing vehicle that will make it more cost effective, allowing it to use HHO gas to replace some fuel you currently use that comes from gasoline. In fact, these conversions allow you to run car on water by introducing HHO gas into the vacuum right before the gas vapors enter it. Both are flammable, but with the HHO gas in the chamber right before the gasoline reaches it, that means less gas is used and you get more miles to the gallon.

The first thing that you are going to look at are the homemade, do-it-yourself conversions. These are homemade hydrogen generators that use water, baking soda and electricity to produce the HHO gas that is needed for the engine. It is a little more complex than that, but no so difficult that you cannot complete the conversion in a single weekend.

Most of the equipment and materials are available at your local hardware store. This is the hardest but also the most cost effective part of the conversion. The price on this type of conversion is one weekend of time and less than $200. If you do not want to spend the time or you want to ensure that it is done correctly, you may want to consider the latter conversion option first.

You can run your car on water using a conversion kit which can be purchased on the internet ready-to-install for several hundred up to several thousand dollars. When looking at these types of kits, it is important that you remember to comparison shop. It is equally important to research which type of conversion kit is necessary in order to ensure you are getting the correct kit for your vehicle.

Once you know the type of kit you need and have found the most reasonable price then you can install it. Installation is quite easy. It is usually a container which attaches easily to the inside of your engine compartment and you simply hook it up according to the installation instructions.You want to make sure the HHO gas reaches the chamber and the electricity reaches the water to ensure that the proper chemical reaction takes place.

Then you are ready to go and you can enjoy saving money on gas as well as helping out the environment!

There are no serious disadvantages to using conversion kits or making them yourself, provided you have a good kit or a good set of plans. Water is a renewable source and is something that is readily plentiful. It is easy to obtain and with current technology, water needed to fuel your vehicle can be used from any source.

Be sure to check out the instructions on the type of water to use. Some conversion kits require the use of specific types of water when using them in order to function properly. There are plenty of ways that you can save money and help the environment by switching your car to run on water through the use of conversion kits or home made hydrogen generators.


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