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Used Nano or New Nano, Which is Best for Me?

The apple  has sold more units than any other mp3 players on the marketplace according to top internet retailer Amazon. If your thinking about an iPod, it is most likely going to be a nano. Just a single question persists, do you require a new or used nano? There are distinct advantages to buying both new and used nano.

Is cost a factor?

New nanos frequently cost up to $199 depending on the model. Where a used nano of the same generation can cost up to 50% less. Previous generations of nano (1G, 2G) which are not easily attainable in stores can go for up to 75% or more of the price of a new nano. The advantage in cost clearly belongs to the used nano. Particularly if you dont require the features of the so called latest and greatest generation product.

Are you worried with getting a top-notch condition model?

Many people just feel more well-situated paying higher retails prices. If the price is low, the deal is too good to be true some say All The Same, I have purchased numerous used products through the net, in particular through internet sites Ebay and Craigslist and found the product quality to be as good as new. The trick to getting superb quality used mp3 players is purchasing from sellers with a good rep. Ebay has a very good system of measurement to rate seller reputation called Feedback. The greater the vendors feedback, and the larger share of their feedback that is positive, the more trust you can have in buying a used nano or other product from the vendor.

Is it preferred to have a manufacturers warranty?

New nanos are guaranteed by Apple for at least a single year via the their warranty. Used nano oftentimes have no manufacturing plant warranty. Even So, purchasing a previous generation used nano might be a good compromise. The 3rd Generation iPod nano was first sold in late 2007. Meaning second hand 3rd gen. devices will often retain a percentage of the factory warranty remaining!

The iPod nano was 1st presented to the market place in the third quarter of 2005. Fast forward to the present, Apple has designed a new generation of nano more or less once annually. There are currently three generations of iPod nano on the marketplace in less than three years. The used nano market is really sound and even a 1st release. nano will likely perform well for the forseeable future to come. Many Apples customers like to remain on the cutting-edge of technology and will sell a somewhat used nano for far under the retail price. Apple does not allow vendors to sell a new nano for below MSRP, a used nano is always the best wager for cost.


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