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10 Widely Sold Car Stereo Brands and car insurance  

Car stereos are very important for every kind of car. In fact car stereo is the most popular tool used to deliver some entertainment in the car. It plays music inside the car. There are a whole lot of high-end car stereos available nowadays. They offer a wide range of features. They look trendy and for that reason they are easily add to the status of the cars.

There are lots of popular brands that manufacture car stereos. In this article we will look at ten widely sold car stereo brands.


Boss is one of the most elegant car stereos. Boss is part of Roland. They are popular mainly for making electric guitars and other musical instruments. But it also makes good car stereos. Some of their popular models of car stereos are CD3055R and 506CA.


JVC was formed in 1927. It was a Japanese company. Now it has spread its business all over the world. They are famous in making all kinds of electronic goods including car stereos. Some of their famous car stereo models are JVC KD-G405 car stereo player and JVC KD SV3105.
Sony was formed in the year 1946 by Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita. The original name of the company was Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo. They have a wide range of car stereos. Some of them are Sony Xplod CDX F7500 and Sony CDX GT410U.


The brand Alpine has very good reputation in the world of car stereos. Some of their famous car stereos are play loud bass engine stereos, DVD car navy, V
amplifiers, GPS navigation systems, CD, MD, cassette player, mp3, etc. This brand is very famous for CD changers.


Becker is another popular brand. This specific brand makes a wide range of CD changers, and CD players in car navigation systems. All of their car stereos are made using the latest technology. It has got a very good combination of
CD player, RDS tuner, and navigation system, and all of them are in one unit.


This is a newly emerged brand. Their car navigation system and Digital audio broadcasting system have become very popular. Its CD,
mp3, MD and cassette player are also very popular. The Clarion DC628 CD changer is a very popular model of this brand.


This popular brand has a wide range of car stereos. It has not only pioneered in CD changers, MD and cassette player but also in woofers, subwoofers,
speakers, etc. Some popular models of Kenwood car stereos are KDC 309A and KDC MP205.


This brand makes high quality amplifiers, loudspeakers, and subwoofers.


This is another brand whose
car CD changers have become immensely popular. Their MCD 46 CD changer is a market leader.


This is another big name in the world of car stereos. It is a very old company, established in 1920. The head office of this company is located in Germany. Their popular models of car stereos are Blaupunkt Casablanca MP56, Blaupunkt Melbourne SD27, Blaupunkt Nashville DAB35, and Blaupunkt Vancouver CD36.


It is another big name in the world of electronics.


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