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Why Satellite TV Beats Cable TV

Which is the best choice? People in the USA are now more likely to order satellite TV over cable TV for the bottom line reason that you receive more for your money with satellite television. You also get all of the best that TV has to offer the consumer. Not to mention the best price too. Satellite television costs less than cable by far. Today, with satellite television, you will be receiving hundreds of channels, audio and video, with your subscription.
Cable companies charge you by how many channels you have, and that can really add up quickly. If you want any extra premium channels such as HBO or Showtime, get ready with your wallet, because you have to be prepared to spend a lot of extra money. They rarely provide you with any service at all in the rural areas, thus satellite is the only game in these regions of the county. Cable will offer more channels in the urban type areas, as there they have the potential for many more subscribers. So at times, a lot may depend on where you live in the country.

While they are offering more pay channels in the suburban parts of the country, the number of channels you will receive overall depends on the
cable system itself, they aren't always up to date with the most modern technology. Satellite television on the other hand offers many more channels, and lots of programs that fit your interests. If you haven't ever considered satellite TV, it may be time to open your eyes to all that is now available.

As mentioned earlier you will pay less for the cost for
satellite television when comparing it to cable. Usually, cable can be very expensive because they have a large network to upgrade and maintain. If you are the type of person that wants more for your money, and who isn't like that, the certainly check into the two large satellite companies offering service to see what the can offer you today.

Another point to consider is quality. Most of us have had the experience of receiving poor quality picture or sound from the cable company. Then when you call for resolution, it takes a long time for a technician to come out and fix the problem. While you may experience problems from time to time with satellite TV, overall they have better customer service. Satellite television offers the best in digital programming, and they back up their product with excellent service.

With satellite TV you can also receive a lot more as far as HD programming. Both satellite companies offer more than 100 HD channels, something
cable TV can't even come close to.

Finally, if you have a family, including young children you can find much more for them to watch. There literally hundreds of family and children's programs for you to pick from. Combine that with a DVR, and you will always be able to entertain the kids.


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