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Automated Teller Machines with Security Cameras

ATMs or automated teller machines are electronic machines that are often found outside banks or near a variety of shops and convince stores. These machines provide a great service to the public by allowing them to withdraw money from their bank account by simply scanning their credit card as well as type in a previously chosen security code. The average individual does not have to wait for a bank to open or even speak to a real person; he or she can simply use those machines any time they want without any hassle. Of course these machines are loaded with actual cash money that can be given to the users who withdraw it legally. And where ever you have money, you have some sort of criminal elements which strive to get a hold of it illegally.

For ATM machines it is best to use two kinds of cameras. The first camera should be an obvious camera that is set up on top or very close to the ATM machine. The second camera would be a hidden camera installed inside the ATM machine itself to allow it to capture the facial features of the customer. Those two cameras severe different but complementary purposes. To start with, the obvious camera can greatly assist in deterring away any type of crime or suspicious activity near the ATM machine. On top of that, it would help the viewer to conceive what is happening around the ATM machine and will present the bigger picture in a better view compared to the small hidden camera. on the other hand, the hidden camera will do a great job at identifying potential hackers and thieves who try to break into the machine or try to force others into giving them their money using the ATM machine. Even though those two cameras do different things, their combined footage tell a more complete story and tend to make police investigations go a lot smother

We shall discuss two simple, but real life, examples just to give you an example of how these two cameras would work together. In a strange video captured by an ATM security camera a woman was shown to walk up to the machine and start to deduct some cash amounts from her account. She was also talking on her cellular phone and not paying attention to her surroundings. When suddenly, a man wrapped his arm around her neck and grabbed her throat while pointing a gun to her head using the other hand. He commanded her to withdraw everything from her account. She complied. But luckily, the small hidden camera was able to capture a clear image of his face and he will soon be arrested.

In this case the hidden camera was more helpful than the overhead camera. In another case, two burglars decided to steal the entire ATM machine and run away with it. They used a fork lifter to do this unprecedented act. The hidden camera was not very clear since they were operating at a relatively far distance. But the over head security camera showed a much clearer image of the entire incident.


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