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Camera Phones,SIM Card Networks, And Extras For Your Phone

Dependent on the phone you choose, to generalise most camera phones do have the capability to transfer picture to PC. You may have to purchase a cable as an extra or it may come with the phone, it depends.

Depending on how you transfer you picture from phone to phone, e.g sending them as a picture message (you will be charged for this) or via bluetooth (this is free), will determine how much it cost. You do not have to pay for a text service to be able to use the camera, but if you want to send them on then you will.

Once again photo quality and format is very much dependant on the phone, most
Nokia phones have reasonable quality cameras and save pictures as .jpg in 640x480. With the quality of Lithium batteries. These days I would not worry about the phone running low due to camera use, most models will last at least 48 hours before dieing! It's a good habit to charge a phone over night anyway so no problem there.

camera phones that take photos in 640x480 can store about 600 pics, if you can use a memory card like i do ,with my Nokia 7710, you can potentially store around 10000, but thats a bit excessive!

Depending on how much you spend on the phone will depend on the quality; if you can I would advise you to go for a Nokia, as they are extremely user friendly.

There are also some Pre-Paid plans that offer an option through the plan to directly download pictures to your computer.

Your best bet would be to determine what phone would allow you to connect it to your computer via USB cable and has PC Suite, for example, and then use for motorola Razr that will allow you to connect it to your
computer. You charge it that way and also download the contacts and pictures to you computer.

If your cell phone has bluetooth, you can also purchase a bluetooh USB Adapter that will allow you to use bluetooth to connect to your computer.

To my knowledge, the cell providers do not sell the phones with these cables. You would need to purchase the cable from the
cell phone company or a third-party provider.The cell phone providers want you to use their wireless service to send pictures, because they charge you eithera monthly fees for a specific amount of kilobytcs or typically for this service.

The Jabra is a good buy. It's either the same size or smaller than H500, cheaper, and also in black. It's only suitable for bluetooth version or higher.

It's the only one, but its another for you to consider. Downside to the phone is 2 hours less talk time and 2 hours less stand by time then the H500. You could determine how much of your phone you use, and make a decision if the extra amount of money is worth the talk-stand by time.

The thing is that the SIM Card on the phone is already programmed for Post Paid Plans. If you want to use the phone as a Pre-Paid you have to change the SIM Card in the phone to that of a Pre-Paid one.

Another thing is that the phone would be locked onto the verizon you get when you purches the SIM Card for that network Pre-Paid service or it won't work.


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