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How to Watch Satellite TV Online Without a Receiver

Technology has been growing with speed that you cannot imagine and satellite TV technology has not been spared of this growth. After the recent changes were applied successful worldwide now it has become very easy for literally anyone to enjoy satellite TV online for free and that too without any satellite dish. Someone from the past will not be able to believe this but it is the truth. All that you will need is a computer and a high speed internet connection to watch the high bandwidth satellite TV programs. Here we will know how technology has made something which was impossible as possible in today's earth.

Basically there are two ways to enjoy uninterrupted satellite TV broadcasts on your computer without a receiver. Firstly by using PCTV card (internal or external as per your ease) and secondly by using PC software for watching satellite TV. Let us first start with the cards which always need more work so as to start watching free online
satellite TV broadcasts when compared to using PC software to watch the same broadcast. PCTV cards convert your PC into a TV, hence the name. The card decodes the satellite TV signals which are sent by various satellite TV stations. The card makes use of the PC hardware such as motherboard, processor, and other hardware components of your PC. The card later on converts the signals into the real TV programs which you can enjoy on your PC. There are over 3000 channels available from around the planet.

PCTV cards were developed a couple of years ago and by now market is flooded with various cards of varying prices. Hence one need to know some hardware details of his
computer and the RAM so that he can choose the best card for him. You can also keep a check of some special functions which only a couple of cards provide like recording the video, multi-split screen to watch many programs at a time etc. Ask the shopkeeper of the various functions of PCTV cards and buy the ones which suit your needs and your pocket.

The PC software to watch satellite TV free without a receiver costs barely a couple of dollars and takes hardly 10 minutes to setup. So if you feel uncomfortable with various hardware and its installation then PC software will be the best bet for you to watch satellite tv online without a receiver.


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