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Picking a Good Satellite TV Service

Right now in America there are two satellite TV companies battling each other for your hard earned cash. Those players are Dish Network and DirecTV. While the pay television market is becoming saturated, these companies continue to expand their customer base and pull in more subscribers year in and year out.

While sales have decreased a little for Dish Network, DirecTV is still on a roll. Most customers will not discern any great difference between the tow, as the both offer the consumer a huge variety as far as channels, programming and equipment. This no doubt makes it fairly quick and easy to get exactly what you want for your television.

Some complain that with so many choices, it gets confusing, the best advice is to simply decide what you want first, then go for the package that works best for your family. Some folks are always looking at the bottom line, because everyone want to save a buck, but wasting a ton of time researching every little detail isn't really worth it. The equipment and channel choices do not vary that much when it comes to
satellite TV.

For most customers, any package from Dish Network or DirecTV will fit the bill, as each company offers the consumer a good value for the dollar, and the ability to customize the package to your liking. I recommend a quick research project, putting
Dish Network and DirecTV side by side. You will quickly discern that each satellite television provider can offer you all digital picture and sound. This is great for HDTV because it will deliver a crystal clear picture and great sound quality on that new television. Satellite television companies have to be offering products that compete well with cable TV companies.

They continue to excel in this area, as million of customers stick with
satellite, and don't even consider cable TV anymore. Each satellite company has more than 13 million customers, with another million or so signing up each year. After counting the cost of service, make sure you have any extra must haves covered. Additional programming options are available, such as movie channels, sports packages, and even XM or Sirius radio programming. Both of the satellite providers also offer local channel programming, though there may be an extra charge.

Some foreign language packages have also started to emerge, whether it is Spanish, Chinese, German or French. These packages are a good way for some to keep in touch with what is going on back home. Most of these foreign language packages require an English programming subscription as well.

No matter which provider you choose, one last thing to check is whether they have local HD channel availability. While local HD delivery is expanding, it is not available in all markets yet.


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