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How To Connect Cell Phone To PC ?

These days, people are getting ever more reliant on technology. This is particularly true of communications technology. I remember the days when I had never even seen a cell phone. Today I consider it a gross dereliction of duty to step out of my front door without being completely 100% contactable for every minute of every day.

This state of affairs is not just true for business people, it is not even limited to adults, and increasingly kids are keeping in contact with their parents, their coach, their friends and their piano teacher by cell phone, usually to explain why they will be late for an appointment it seems.

However, regardless of the fact that this communications revolution involves everyone, there are certain people in certain industries that are far more reliant on communications technology then the rest of us. For these people it is crucial that they can get online, read their emails, and do a host of other tasks that require internet access.

Their life has been made a lot easier by certain new technologies such as hotspots and blue tooth. With these new services, you can walk into virtually any coffee shop or airport lobby in the world, open up your laptop and you will immediately be online. This is a truly amazing advance on the connectivity that people could previously achieve and has removed a lot of the need for things such as internet kiosks and phone booths.

However, there will be times when you simply cannot get to a star bucks. Difficult as it is to believe, there are still places in the world where you can be stuck without instant
internet access and this can be a serious problem for some people in tight situations. Examples of this could include when you are on a train or in a car, when you are broken down at the side of the road, when you are in a small town far from major cities etc. In any of these circumstances, you may need to get online fast but don't know how.

Well, the solution is to revert to something that many people did in the past but stopped when the technology moved on. That is connecting your laptop to your laptop and using that to get online. All you need is a cell phone that supports
data transmission, which today includes virtually all phones, and a blue tooth, infra red or data cable connection between your phone and your pc. What are you waiting for? Give it a shot!


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